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학술대회 Capacity of a Two-way Function Multicast Channel
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신세윤, 서창호
Allerton Conference on Communication, Control, and Computing 2017, pp.125-133
17HF1600, (통합)초연결 스마트 서비스를 위한 5G 이동통신 핵심기술개발, 정현규
We explore the role of interaction for the problem of reliable computation over two-way multicast networks. Specifically we consider a four-node network in which two nodes wish to compute a modulo-sum of two independent Bernoulli sources generated from the other two, and a similar task is done in the other direction. The main contribution of this work lies in the characterization of the computation capacity region for a deterministic model of the network via a novel transmission scheme. One consequence of this result is that not only we can get an interaction gain over the one-way non-feedback computation capacities, we can sometime get all the way to perfect-feedback computation capacities simultaneously in both directions. This result draws a parallel with the recent result developed in the context of two-way interference channels [1].
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Deterministic model, One-Way, Transmission scheme, capacity region, interference channels, multicast network, node network, two-way