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학술대회 1.25 Gb/s Operation of ASE Injected RSOA with 50 GHz Channel Spacing by using Injection Current Adjustment, Dispersion Management and Receiver with Decision Threshold Level Control
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조승현, 이지현, 이종훈, 이은구, 이한협, 정의석, 이상수
International Conference on Transparent Optical Networks (ICTON) 2010, pp.1-4
10MI5100, 차세대 응용플랫폼을 위한 대용량 WDM-PON시스템 개발, 이상수
We successfully demonstrated the 1.25 Gb/s operation of ASE injected RSOA with 50 GHz channel spacing by using the injection current adjustment, the dispersion management and the receiver with decision threshold level control. We could mitigate the RIN degradation caused by post filtering through the injection current adjustments, and also alleviate the dispersion induced RIN degradation by means of the dispersion management to take advantage of the insertion of dispersion compensating fiber (DCF). Finally, the use of optical receiver with optimized decision threshold level could eliminate some sorts of error floor which are attributed to unequal noise distribution at mark level. © 2010 IEEE.
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Channel spacing, Dispersion compensating fiber(DCFs), Error floor, Injection current, Optical receiver, decision threshold, dispersion management, level control, noise distribution, threshold level