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학술대회 Energy Trading System of Distributed Resources
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이지현, 신영미, 이일우
International Conference on Information and Communication Technology Convergence (ICTC) 2017, pp.1132-1134
17PH1500, 소규모 분산자원 전력거래 활성화를 위한 중개시스템 개발 및 BM 발굴, 이일우
Distributed Energy Resource (DER) is a small-scale power generator which can be distributed in near power consumption areas. A high ratio of DERs increases management complexity and also decreases supply stability of electric power. However, if DERs are suitably used, they can improve reliability shown in conventional electric power generation. Moreover, they can also eliminate the size and number of power lines that must be constructed. Since the existing electric power system of Korea is highly centralized, it needs the decentralization strategies by allowing DERs to participate in the existing power trading market. In this context, Korea government is on the stage of deciding national electricity laws about trading DERs. Of course, various operational strategies should be defined together. In this paper, we suggest the brokerage trading system of the aggregated DERs, which makes DERs to join in the existing electric power system. Since May 2016, we are in the progress of research and develop the aggregator system for trading DERs in form of the wholesale.
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Distributed Energy Resources(DERs), Distributed resource(DR), Electric Power System, Electric power generation, Energy trading, Operational strategies, Power Consumption, Power Line, Power trading, Progress of research, Small-scale