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학술대회 Optimized Superposition Coding for Hybrid Soft-Transfer and Hard-Transfer Fronthauling in Fronthaul-Constrained C-RAN Systems
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유대성, 김준범, 최인경, 박석환
International Conference on Information and Communication Technology Convergence (ICTC) 2017, pp.429-433
17HH2300, 초연결 네트워킹 미래 원천기술 연구, 유태환
This work considers the downlink of a cloud radio access network (C-RAN) in which a baseband processing unit (BBU) sends independent messages to multiple user equipments (UEs) by controlling a set of remote radio heads (RRHs) which are connected to the BBU via finite-capacity fronthaul links. In standard C-RAN systems, it is prescribed that the fronthaul links are used in a soft-transfer mode whereby quantized signals of the baseband signals, that encode the UEs' messages, are transferred on the fronthaul links. Although this approach is advantageous in a sense that the RRHs do not need to have baseband signal processing functionalities, it has been reported that one can achieve better performance with hard-transfer fronthauling scheme, whereby the fronthaul links are used to transfer hard information of the UEs' messages, particularly when the fronthaul links have relatively large capacity. This work proposes a unified scheme that leverages hybrid soft-transfer and hard-transfer fronthauling strategies. This is enabled by a superposition coding where each UE message is split into two submessages that are delivered to the UEs by means of soft-transfer or hard-transfer schemes. Some numerical results are provided to confirm the advantages of the proposed hybrid scheme.
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Baseband signal processing, Cloud radio, Cloud-RAN(C-RAN), Hybrid Scheme, Large capacity, Numerical results, Processing unit, Radio Access Network, Remote Radio Head(RRH), Superposition Coding, Transfer mode