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학술대회 Effective Interference Assessment from Earth Station in Motion to Fixed Station in the 28 GHz Band
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오대섭, 강영흥
Asia-Pacific Microwave Conference (APMC) 2017, pp.1361-1364
17HR1100, 국가 위성통신 주파수 자원 확보 및 이용을 위한 위성 스펙트럼 활용 기술 개발, 오대섭
The Earth Station in Motion (ESIM) system is one of the most modern satellite systems, providing high-speed and high-capacity communication with mobility. To operate the ESIM in the Ka-band, a compatibility study with incumbent services should be considered for the protection of existing services. This paper provides a methodology to assess the interference from ESIM to an FS in the same Ka-band, taking into account the antenna pointing errors occurred inevitably by the tracking antenna system of the ESIM. Based on a point-to-point interference scenario, the simulation results show the interference distributions according to the elevation angles of the ESIM and the distances between the ESIM and FS. In addition, a separation distance of up to 38 km should be guaranteed for protecting a victim FS receiver taking the results of simulation into consideration.
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28 GHz band, Earth station, High Speed, High-capacity, Point-to-Point, Separation distance, antenna pointing, distributed antenna systems(DAS), interference assessment, ka-band, pointing error