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학술대회 Multi-Leveling for Higher Capacity of Wi-Fi Backscatter Communications
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Wisnu Murti, 윤지훈, 임재한, 정병장, 변우진
International Conference on Information and Communication Technology Convergence (ICTC) 2017, pp.24-28
17HF1300, 압축센싱, 무전원 및 초고속체 전송 기반 무선통신 효율극대화 연구, 이우용
Backscatter communication enables a device to transmit or receive data using only the energy harvested from ambient RF signals. It can be realized via employing energy-efficient modulation and demodulation mechanisms. Specifically, a threshold-based demodulation method integrated with signal smoothing has generally been employed for backscatter communications. However, previous proposals considering a single threshold to differentiate one and zero bits from received signals have a limitation that a receiver can decode only a single bit for each demodulation attempt. Since existing Wi-Fi transceivers provide at most one RSS value per received frame, this limitation restricts the link capacity significantly. To address this limitation, we propose a simple but novel mechanism that adopts multi-leveling for Wi-Fi backscatter communications. Through computer simulation, we reveal that multi-leveling is effective in terms of BER and throughput.
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Ambient RF, Backscatter Communication, Computer simulation(MC and MD), Demodulation method, Energy-efficient modulation, Link capacity, Modulation and demodulation, RF signal, Wi-Fi Transceivers, higher capacity