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학술대회 Intelligent Operation Monitoring IoT Tag for Factory Legacy Device
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한효녕, 강현철, 손지연
International Conference on Information and Communication Technology Convergence (ICTC) 2017, pp.781-783
17HH5800, 고객-제조-유통 연계 개방형 FaaS IoT서비스플랫폼기술개발, 손지연
This paper describes intelligent operation monitoring IoT tags for factory legacy device. These days factory devices almost contain monitoring system in network. But there are lots of legacy devices which do not support any monitoring sensors and network system yet. The intelligent IoT tag contains 4 types of sensors; three dimensional accelerometer, thermometer and humidity sensor. Accelerometers acquire the three dimensional vibrations through internal motor system motion, other sensors measure environmental conditions. In our FaaS (Factory as a Service) system also have non-network supported legacy devices; 3D printer, Vapor and CNC machines which contain motor based moving system. In this study, we are focused on operation monitoring and analysis of 3D printers through the vibration. The three motions are targeted among the 3D printer processes; bed alignment (initialization), product printing, and bed down (finishing).
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3D printer, CNC machines, Humidity Sensor, Intelligent IoT, Intelligent operation, Monitoring and analysis, Monitoring system, Motor system, Moving system, Network system, Operation monitoring