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학술대회 Gas Leak Detection Study in a Cube using Ultrasonic Spectral Sound Field Variation
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박강호, 이성규
International Congress on Sound and Vibration (ICSV) 2017, pp.1-6
16PB5300, 스마트 현장판단형 영상/음향 보안감시 SoC 및 핵심부품 개발, 박강호
The ultrasonic spectral sound field variation at multi-tone frequencies in a cube is investigated for the early detection of gas leak. The sound pressure field generated by an ultrasonic transmitter is measured by an ultrasonic receiver installed within a 6cm cube. The sound pressure level spectral patterns with multi-tone frequencies around 25 kHz are measured according to the amount of gas leak such as helium and HCFC and they are analysed in comparison with 3-dimensional finite element analysis simulation results. We found that the spectral position of interference peaks and the spectral pattern shift to higher or lower frequency are observed depending on the sound velocity with a relation to the species of gas molecule and concentration, and this kind of technique can be applied for the early detection of gas leak in the confined space.
KSP 제안 키워드
3-dimensional, Analysis and simulation, Early Detection, Gas leak detection, Gas molecules, Multi-tone frequencies, Pressure field, Sound Velocity, Sound field, Sound pressure level, Spectral Pattern