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학술지 An Energy-Efficient Virtualization-Based Secure Platform for Protecting Sensitive User Data
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임경수, 박진호, 박종혁
Sustainability, v.9 no.7, pp.1-16
17HH4400, 클라우드 기반 지능형 영상보안 인큐베이팅 플랫폼 개발, 김건우
Currently, the exchange cycles of various computers, smartphones, tablets, and others have become shorter, because new high-performance devices continue to roll out rapidly. However, existing legacy devices are not old-fashioned or obsolete to use. From the perspective of sustainable information technology (IT), energy-efficient virtualization can apply a way to increase reusability for special customized devices and enhance the security of existing legacy devices. It means that the virtualization can customize a specially designed purpose using the guest domain from obsolete devices. Thus, this could be a computing scheme that keeps energy supplies and demands in balance for future sustainable IT. Moreover, energy-efficient virtualization can be the long-term and self-sustainable solution such as cloud computing, big data and so forth. By separating the domain of the host device based on virtualization, the guest OS on the segmented domain can be used as a Trusted Execution Environment to perform security features. In this paper, we introduce a secure platform to protect sensitive user data by domain isolation utilizing virtualization. The sensitive user data on our secure platform can protect against the infringement of personal information by malicious attacks. This study is an effective solution in terms of sustainability by recycling them for special purposes or enhancing the security of existing devices.
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Big Data, Cloud Computing, High performance, Host device, Information Technology, Personal information, Trusted execution environment, User data, energy-efficient, legacy devices, malicious attacks
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