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학술대회 Energy Information Collection Mechanism using Big Data Correlation Map
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구태연, 박완기, 최훈
International Conference on Big Data (Big Data) 2017, pp.4774-4776
17PH1400, 커뮤니티에너지공급(CES) 시설 기반 분산자원 활용 마이크로그리드 BM 개발 및 실증, 박완기
Smart energy management is the development of smart energy platform technology to maximize energy efficiency through energy information collection, energy. The created device-to-device correlation is ultimately associated with energy context information. Energy has a lift cycle of generation, consumption and storage. The energy device's operational goal is the participatory behavior of these energy state cycles. Energy management services make decisions about where to transition from the current situation to the next in this energy cycle. When the energy state transition is determined, the behavior of each device is determined by the correlation of the devices. Effective management can be achieved without wasting energy through consistent behavior of related devices that match the energy situation cycle. This paper generated energy device relation map through information of 300 generations constructed by test-bed and provides the result of energy management service using it.
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Big data correlation, Context Information, Current situation, Device to Device(D2D), Effective management, Energy Efficiency, Energy Information, Energy devices, Energy management service(EMS), Smart energy management, State Transition