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학술대회 TARMan: Topology-Aware Reliability Management for Softwarized Network Systems
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Haymanot Gebre-Amlak, Goutham Banala, Sejun Song, Baek-Young Choi, 최태상, Henry Zhu
International Symposium on Local and Metropolitan Area Networks (LANMAN) 2017, pp.1-6
17HH1100, 자기인증 식별자 기반 자율형 신뢰 네트워킹 기술 개발, 정태수
The recent networking paradigm shifts towards the virtualization and softwarization of network functions, controls, and applications that are promising; they optimize costs and processes while bringing new value to the infrastructures. However, the centralized reliability management in softwarization architecture poses both scalability and latency challenges. In this paper, we design and build a novel topology-aware network reliability management framework that enhances the efficiency of network discovery (Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP)) mechanisms and introduces a three-tier-based algorithm that the controller utilizes to calculate the LLDP-discovery frequency. A novel impact based per target LLDP-discovery approach enables fast failure detection and recovery for the important targets. A prototype is implemented on Cisco's OpenDayLight (ODL). Extensive Mininet experiment results validate that the tier-based LLDP message algorithm enables effective decision making tools for the network reliability management framework.
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Detection and recovery, Experiment results, Fast Failure Detection, Link Layer Discovery Protocol, Management framework, Network Reliability, Network discovery, Network system, Novel topology, decision making, design and build