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Journal Article Multi-channel Transmission Method for Improving TCP Reliability and Transmission Efficiency in UNIWAY
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Kim Yong Kyun, Lee Seoung Hyeon, Na Jung-Chan, Lim Kyung Soo
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Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Humanized Computing, v.15 no.2, pp.1583-1598
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17HH3300, Unidirectional Security Gateways developments in cyber-physical systems, Youngjun Heo
In ubiquitous computing environment, data is collected by a number of devices and transmitted to a central server which is trusted to provide the information to the user. In order to cope with security threats targeting the central service providing system, there is a growing trend to use unidirectional data transmission gateway to completely block the possibility of intrusion of an external network and an internal network. There is a difficulty in that a physical unidirectional data transmission gateway up to now can use only a single session and does not support a private protocol. In this paper, we propose transmission control protocol based service which is a constraint in unidirectional security gateway system was being available, and unidirectional security gateway using multi-channel transmission method for transmission efficiency in multi-proxy operation and transmission control protocol's reliability and enhance transmission efficiency of the unidirectional security gateway and shows the experimental results of proposed method.
KSP Keywords
Central Server, Data transmission, External Network, Multi-proxy, Transmission Control Protocol(TCP), Ubiquitous computing environment, Unidirectional security gateway, gateway system, internal network, multi-channel, security threats