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학술대회 Optical Aberration Correction of Scanning Holographic Display
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김현의, 박민식, 추현곤, 김진웅
International Symposium on Electronic Imaging Science and Technology (EI) 2017, pp.231-234
16MF1400, 디지털 홀로그래픽 테이블탑형 단말 기술 개발, 김진웅
Multiplexed holographic display structures using optical scanning have features that extend the image size or viewing angle of the holographic display through beam steering. This makes the display device relatively free from the performance limits of the SLM (Spatial light modulator), thereby increasing the possibility of the practical use of the holographic display. However, the holographic display optical structure of the beam-steering system that propagates the beam in the off-axis direction necessarily generates optical aberration. In this study, the optical aberration according to the steering of the light wave is measured through the optical simulator and converted into the Zernike polynomial form. The aberration values obtained by this method are reflected in the optical field of the reconstructed hologram image to correct the optical aberration. As a result of the aberration compensation, distortion and image deterioration of the reconstructed holographic image were reduced, which was verified through experiments.
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Display device, Light wave, Optical aberration, Optical field, Optical scanning, Optical structure, Performance limits, Polynomial form, Practical use, Spatial light modulator(SLM), Steering system