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Conference Paper A Fast 3-D Ray Tracing Method for Wave Propagation Prediction Using a Reflection Tube Tree
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손해원, 유정웅, Jin Gwang Ja, Jang Byungtae
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International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation (ISAP) 2017, pp.1-2
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17ZS1700, The development of smart HSE system in ship and plant building yard , Jang Byungtae
A fast 3-D ray tracing method based on image theory is presented. The proposed method defines reflection tubes and organizes them in a tree structure to treat images efficiently in a complex 3-D environment. The method can account for all possible rays undergoing multiple reflections and transmissions, and its predictions agree well with the measurements.
KSP Keywords
3D ray-tracing, Multiple reflection, Ray tracing method, Three dimensional(3D), Wave propagation prediction, image theory, tree structure, wave propagation(WP)