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학술대회 Priority-Aware Scheduling for Packet-Switched Optical Networks in Datacenter
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Lin Wang, Xinbo Wang, Massimo Tornatore, 김광준, 김선미, 김대업, 한경은, Biswanath Mukherjee
International Conference on Optical Network Design and Modeling (ONDM) 2017, pp.1-5
17HH1800, Photonic Frame 기반 패킷 스위칭 가능한 데이터 센터 광 네트워킹 핵심 기술 개발, 김광준
A scalable, low-latency, high-speed, and energy-efficient datacenter network represents a key element in the deployment of cloud-oriented large-scale datacenters. Photonic switch (PS) architectures can be a solution due to the inherent benefits of optical technology. In this study, we numerically investigate the performance of a packet-switched optical network (PSON) architecture with centralized control for datacenter interconnection. To achieve high performance of PSON, an intelligent yet low-complexity scheduling algorithm is critical. It is also beneficial to take traffic flow features into consideration. Thus, we propose and investigate the characteristics of a priority-Aware scheduling algorithm for PSON, considering both architecture features and traffic-flow characteristics in datacenter. Numerical simulations show the advantages of the priority-Aware algorithm.
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Centralized control, Data Center Networks, Flow Features, Flow characteristics, High Speed, High performance, Key element, Low latency, Numerical simulations, Numerically investigate, Packet-Switched Optical Network