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Journal Article Performance Improvement of Wave Information Retrieval Algorithm Using Noise Reduction
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Lee Byung-Gil, 임동희, 김진수
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Journal of Information and Communication Convergence Engineering, v.15 no.3, pp.175-181
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17HH6200, Development of Security of VTS for National infrastructure Protection, Lee Byung-Gil
This paper describes the upgrade of an existing wave information retrieval algorithm by employing noise reduction in the pixel domain. Several algorithms for collecting wave information parameters from X-band radar image sequences including the wind field and current velocity have been developed over the past three decades. Using these algorithms, a band-pass filter (BPF) is applied to remove the non-wave contribution from the image spectra after the sea surface current velocity has been computed. However, such BPF designs have been both complex and insufficient in removing undesired components in Xband radar images. For this study, to improve the performance of wave information retrieval, an efficient noise reduction algorithm is incorporated into a regular wave information retrieval process. That is, the proposed algorithm was designed for operation in a more proper manner by effectively removing the undesired components in the pixel domain. Experiment results demonstrate that the proposed algorithm produces very close estimates to the buoy data records under undesirable noise conditions.
KSP Keywords
Band-pass filter(BPF), Experiment results, Image sequence, Information retrieval(IR), Noise reduction(NR), Radar image, Regular wave, Sea surface current, Wind field, X-band radar, current velocity