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학술대회 Economic Dispatch of Multiple Energy Storage Systems Under Different Characteristics
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최종우, 박완기, 이일우
International Conference on Power and Energy Systems Engineering (CPESE) 2017 (Energy Procedia), pp.1-7
17ZH1400, 제로에너지 커뮤니티 실현을 위한 에너지 공유 네트워킹 핵심 기술 개발, 이일우
This paper presents economic dispatch of the grid-connected microgrid that contains multiple energy storage systems as its only controllable distributed energy resources. Daily control schedules of distributed energy resources are achieved by solving the economic dispatch problem. The main objective of economic dispatch is maximizing the profit from the power trade with the grid. The economic dispatch problem presented in this paper considers the different characteristics of energy storage systems. Each energy storage system has its unique characteristics such as the charge/discharge efficiency and capacity fade rate. The result of the multi-objective problem shows that the energy storage system with the highest efficiency and the lowest capacity fade rate is controlled more frequently than the others. The Pareto optimal set of the resulting control schedules is presented.
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Characteristics of energy, Distributed Energy Resources(DERs), Grid-connected microgrid, Multi-objective problem, Pareto optimal set, capacity fade, discharge efficiency, economic dispatch problem, energy storage system, highest efficiency, unique characteristics