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학술대회 Disease and Pest Prediction IoT System in Orchard: A Preliminary Study
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이혜민, 문애경, 문기영, 이영재
International Conference on Ubiquitous and Future Networks (ICUFN) 2017, pp.525-527
Each species of diseases and pests is considered to be harmful to plants and has a great adverse effect on agriculture. In addition to decreasing crop productivity and quality, pesticides or fungicides which cause environmental pollution are needed to kill diseases and pests. Therefore, the IoT system is designed to reduce the frequent use of insecticides and fungicides and to predict when the pests appear in order to lower the appearance of pests. Therefore, weather stations near the orchard have been installed and used to analyze the correlation between pests and weather data that had a large effect on pests. The prediction models have been created utilizing correlation information. In other words, we proposed a system that provides disease and pest prediction information so that farmers can quickly control them.
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Adverse effects, Crop productivity, Environmental pollution, Pest prediction, Preliminary study, Weather stations, correlation information, prediction model, weather data