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학술지 Bi-directional and Concurrent Proof of Ownership for Stronger Storage Services with De-duplication
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윤택영, 장구영
Science China - Information Sciences, v.61 no.3, pp.1-12
Science China Press, Springer
17ZH1700, 암호화된 데이터베이스에서의 데이터 저장 및 검색을 위한 암호 원천 기술 개발, 장구영
In storage service, data de-duplication is a specialized technique for eliminating duplicate copies of repeating data in storage. Especially, client-side de-duplication has more merits than server-side de- duplication since they can improve both the space efficiency and the communication bandwidth. For secure client-side de-duplication, we need a way to prove the ownership of a file to be stored. In the upload step, the server should verify the ownership of a client to give the right of the file without uploading it. On the contrary, the client also want to verify the retrievability for the file since he will delete it from his storage after protocol execution. Existing proof of ownership techniques have been designed for server's need. In this paper, we first point out that we need the second property in client's view point, and give a very simple and practical solution which can support the server and the client to prove that they have the same file. We first describe a generic strategy which can help us to construction a bi-directional and concurrent proof of ownership technique from an ordinary proof of ownership technique, and then give an efficient hash-based scheme with security proof in the random oracle model.
KSP 제안 키워드
Bi-directional, Data Deduplication, Proof of ownership, Server side, Space efficiency, Storage Service, View Point, random oracle model, secure client, security proof