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학술대회 Dynamic Information Extraction and Integrity Verification Scheme for Cloud Security
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김현주, 김영수, 김익균, 김현철
iCatse International Symposium on Software Networking (ICSN) 2017 (LNEE 425), pp.424-429
17HH1900, 맞춤형 보안서비스 제공을 위한 클라우드 기반 지능형 보안 기술 개발, 김종현
To become a more popular cloud service, it is necessary to dynamically provision virtualized infrastructure resources and to automatically deploy and optimize workloads based on the state of the workload or the state of the entire infrastructure resource. However, in a cloud-based virtualization infrastructure, when multiple VMs work together to provide a customized virtualized network security service, existing debugging and profiling tools can no longer be used as performance measures or integrity verification tools. In order to solve these drawbacks, a tracing method is used. In the tracing, necessary information is simultaneously recorded with minimal overhead while executing the program. In this paper, we proposed a scheme to guarantee the integrity of the software that composes the VM in the cloud environment using Intel processor trace (PT).
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Cloud security, Cloud service, Cloud-based, Dynamic information, Integrity verification, Performance measures, Profiling Tools, Verification Tool, cloud environment, information extraction, network security