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학술대회 Analysis of the SNR and Sensing Ability of Different Sensor Types in a LIDAR System
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최규동, 한문현, 서홍석, 민봉기
SPIE Remote Sensing 2017 (SPIE 10427), pp.1-8
17PR1300, 재난치안용 멀티콥터 무인기 통신 및 안전운항 기술개발, 이용민
LIDAR (light detection and ranging) systems use sensors to detect reflected signals. The performance of the sensors significantly affects the specification of the LIDAR system. Especially, the number and size of the sensors determine the FOV (field of view) and resolution of the system, regardless of which sensors are used. The resolution of an array-Type sensor normally depends on the number of pixels in the array. In this type of sensor, there are several limitations to increase the number of pixels in an array for higher resolution, specifically complexity, cost, and size limitations. Another type of sensors, normally utilized as a rotational-Type sensor, uses multiple pairs of transmitter and receiver channels. Each channel detects different points with the corresponding directions indicated by the laser points of each channel. In this case, in order to increase the resolution, it is required to increase the number of channels, resulting in bigger sensor head size and deteriorated reliability due to heavy rotating head module containing all the pairs. In this paper, we present a method to overcome these limitations and improve the performance of the LIDAR system from the perspective of detectors. ETRI developed a type of scanning LIDAR system called a STUD (STatic Unitary Detector) LIDAR system. It was developed to solve the problems associated with the aforementioned sensors. The STUD LIDAR system has more freedom to choose a variety of detectors without any limitations on the size or number of detectors than other LIDAR systems. In order to analyze the optimal performance in terms of range and resolution for various detectors, the detailed analysis was conducted in the STUD LIDAR system by applying different sensor type to have improved sensing performance.
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Array-type, Field of view(FOV), Head size, LIDAR system, Laser points, Light detection and Ranging(LiDAR), Reflected signal, Sensing Performance, Transmitter and receiver, optimal performance, sensor type