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학술대회 3D Impulsive Sound-Source Localization Method through a 2D MEMS Microphone Array using Delay-and-Sum Beamforming
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서상우, 김명규
International Conference on Signal Processing Systems (ICSPS) 2017, pp.1-5
This paper presents a 3D impulsive sound-source localization method through a 2D MEMS microphone array using the delayand- sum beamforming technique in the time domain at two different aspects; one is the planar wavefront and the other is the spherical wavefront. The planar model is utilized to estimate the direction and the distance (depth) of the z-axis, and the spherical model is used to find the location of the sound source on the estimated x-y plane at the depth obtained by the planar model. Our evaluation result shows a localization error of less than 12째 in direction, 8 cm in the x-y plane, and 20 cm on the z-axis, when the impulsive sound source is fired 1-3 meters away from the microphone array.
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Beamforming technique, Impulsive sound, Localization method, MEMS Microphone, Planar model, Sound source, Source Localization, Spherical model, Spherical wavefront, delay-and-sum beamforming, localization error