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학술대회 Soccer Event Recognition Technique based on Pattern Matching
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이지원, 남도원, 문성원, 이정수, 유원영
Federated Conference on Computer Science and Information Systems (FedCSIS) 2017, pp.649-652
17CS1200, 스포츠 영상 콘텐츠의 내용 이해 기반 분석/요약/검색 기술 개발, 남도원
Recently, there has been an increasing number of attempts to analyze sport activities through the combination of sports science and ICT technology. In the case of soccer, several leading companies have already developed tracking techniques for players to automatically acquire sports analysis data. However, the automatic extraction of event data for analyzing the sports games is limited to the level of academic research, and the field still depends on the manual work of professional analysts. This paper proposes a soccer event recognition technology based on pattern matching. As can be seen from the experimental results, it is possible to recognize various events much more accurately than the event recognition technology at academic research level.
KSP 제안 키워드
Academic Research, Automatic extraction, Event recognition technology, Manual work, Soccer event recognition, Sports analysis, Sports science, analysis data, event data, pattern matching, recognition technique