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학술지 SACA: Self-Aware Communication Architecture for IoT Using Mobile Fog Servers
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Vishal Sharma, 임재덕, 김정녀, 유일선
Mobile Information Systems, v.2017, pp.1-17
Hindawi Publishing
17HH6100, (IoT 운영체제-총괄) 스마트 경량 IoT 기기용 운영체제 보안 핵심 기술 개발, 김정녀
Internet of things (IoT) aims at bringing together large business enterprise solutions and architectures for handling the huge amount of data generated by millions of devices. For this aim, IoT is necessary to connect various devices and provide a common platform for storage and retrieval of information without fail. However, the success of IoT depends on the novelty of network and its capability in sustaining the increasing demand by users. In this paper, a self-aware communication architecture (SACA) is proposed for sustainable networking over IoT devices. The proposed approach employs the concept of mobile fog servers which make relay using the train and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) networks. The problem is presented based on Wald's maximum model, which is resolved by the application of a distributed node management (DNM) system and state dependency formulations. The proposed approach is capable of providing prolonged connectivity by increasing the network reliability and sustainability even in the case of failures. The effectiveness of the proposed approach is demonstrated through numerical and network simulations in terms of significant gains attained with lesser delay and fewer packet losses. The proposed approach is also evaluated against Sybil, wormhole, and DDoS attacks for analyzing its sustainability and probability of connectivity in unfavorable conditions.
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Business enterprise, Communication architecture, DDoS attacks, Internet of thing(IoT), IoT Devices, Network Reliability, Self-Aware, State dependency, Storage and retrieval, network simulation, packet loss
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