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학술대회 CAESAR: A Criticality-Aware ECDSA Signature Verification with Markov Model
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Chao Chen, 이상우, Tim Watson, Carsten Maple, Yi Lu
Vehicular Networking Conference (VNC) 2017, pp.1-4
Intelligent transport systems (ITS) facilitate road traffic by periodically exchanging messages with neighbouring vehicles, road side units (RSUs) and ITS stations. For security reasons these messages will be encapsulated with security credentials to form secured messages (SMs) and will be inoperative until the authentication completes. This creates a challenge in a dynamic and dense road network where many SMs are awaiting authentication. To address this problem, we propose CAESAR, a criticality-aware Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (ECDSA) signature verification scheme that utilizes multi-level priority queues (MLPQs) and Markov model to dispatch and schedule SMs. Simulation results verify the accuracy of CAESAR and the enhancements in terms of several safety awareness metrics compared with the existing schemes.
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Elliptic curve digital signature algorithm(ECDSA), Existing schemes, Intelligent Transport Systems(ITS), Markov model, Multi-level, Priority queues, Road networks, Road traffic, Signature Verification, Verify the accuracy, digital signature algorithm(DSA)