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학술대회 Plane Wave Integral Representations inside a Reveberation Chamber having Field Anisotropy
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이영승, 최형도
Conference on Antenna Measurements and Applications (CAMA) 2017, pp.142-143
17HR1900, 스마트 사회 전자파 노출량 제어 기반 구축, 최형도
This paper presents a theoretical expression of electromagnetic fields inside a reverberation chamber (RC) having field anisotropy (i.e., each field component possess different means and standard deviations etc.) based on the plane wave integral representation (PWIR). While the existing Hill's formulation has its own validity under the ideal well-stirred condition of field isotropy (i.e., all field components have same standard deviations) only, our PWIR expression can consider arbitrary anisotropic electromagnetic (EM) fields inside a RC even under the ill-stirred condition. Several important physical insights of the extended formulation are also deeply explored. Another huge advantage of our theory consists in extending the theoretical definition of some important physical quantities of a RC such as quality factor (Q-factor) and mean power density into general anisotropic environment, indicating the high utility of our formulation that has the ability to be applied to a wide variety of applications such as testing the antenna validation factor (AVF) and chamber loading effect of a RC defined in the global electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) standard and in vivo exposure experiment on millimeter wave (mmWave) 5G band where a specific path (e.g., line of sight) effect is dominant.
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5G band, Electromagnetic Field, Exposure experiment, Extended formulation, Field component, High utility, Line-Of-Sight(LOS), Loading effect, Physical quantities, Power Density, Quality-factor(Q-factor)