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학술대회 A Study of MXF Extension of Mapping HEVC Stream for UHD Broadcasting Contents Production
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정세윤, 이주영, 유재현, 김휘용
International Conference on Advanced Communication Technology (ICACT) 2017, pp.282-284
17HR1400, 초고실감 미디어 서비스 실현을 위해 HEVC/3DA 대비 2배 압축을 제공하는 5세대 비디오/오디오 표준 핵심 기술 개발 및 표준화, 김휘용
Terrestrial UHD broadcasting will be started from February in 2017. Therefore, it is obvious that UHD contents production in broadcasting studio will be rapidly increasing. MXF (Material exchange format) is a standard for interchanging contents among devices in broadcasting production workflow. However, HEVC stream is not supported in the current MXF standards. Thus, we propose a mapping method of HEVC stream into MXF. Fortunately, HEVC is a successor of H.264 and also mapping of H.264 stream into MXF generic container exists in current MXF standards, ST 381-3. Thus, we propose a mapping method of HEVC stream into MXF generic container based on ST 381-3. However, there are some differences between HEVC and H.264, especially random access point pictures and leading pictures. Therefore we also proposed how to handle those pictures in the mapping of HEVC stream into MXF. From the experimental results, we could confirm that the proposed method is working properly. We plan to submit the proposed method as a new standard to SMPTE.
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Access point, Broadcasting contents, Broadcasting studio, Contents production, Mapping method, Material eXchange format, Random Access