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학술지 Thermal Conductivity and Thermal Boundary Resistances of ALD Al2O3 Films on Si and Sapphire
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이승민, 최원철, 김준수, 김태광, 이재우, 임솔이, 권정윤, 서순애, 신민철, 문승언
International Journal of Thermophysics, v.38 no.12, pp.1-10
On Si and sapphire substrates, 6??45 nm thick films of atomic layer-deposited Al2O3 were grown. The thermal conductivity of ALD films has been determined from a linear relation between film thickness and thermal resistance measured by the 3?? method. ALD films on Si and sapphire showed almost same thermal conductivity in the temperature range of 50??350 K. Residual thermal resistance was also obtained by extrapolation of the linear fit and was modeled as a sum of the thermal boundary resistances at heater?밼ilm and film?뱒ubstrate interfaces. The total thermal resistance addenda for films on sapphire was close to independently measured thermal boundary resistance of heater?뱒apphire interface. From the result, it was deduced that the thermal boundary resistance at ALD Al2O3?뱒apphire interface was much lower than that of heater?밼ilm. By contrast, the films on Si showed significantly larger thermal boundary resistance than films on sapphire. Data of < 30 nm films on Si were excluded because an AC coupling of electrical heating voltage to semiconductive Si complicated the relation between 3?? voltage and temperature.
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5 nm, AC coupling, Linear relation, Sapphire substrates, Temperature range, Thick films, Total thermal resistance, atomic layer, electrical heating, film thickness, linear fit