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학술대회 Real-Time Interactive AR System for Broadcasting
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조현우, 정성욱, 지형근
Virtual Reality (VR) 2017, pp.353-354
16MS2100, 참여형 양방향 콘텐츠 및 협력 학습환경 기반 학습자 맞춤형 상호작용 창의학습 튜터링 기술 개발, 지형근
For live television broadcast such as the educational program for children conducted through viewer participation, the smooth integration of virtual contents and the interaction between the casts and them are quite important issues. Recently there have been many attempts to make aggressive use of interactive virtual contents in live broadcast due to the advancement of AR/VR technology and virtual studio technology. These previous works have many limitations that do not support real-time 3D space recognition or immersive interaction. In this sense, we propose an augmented reality based real-time broadcasting system which perceives the indoor space using a broadcasting camera and a RGB-D camera. Also, the system can support the real-time interaction between the augmented virtual contents and the casts. The contribution of this work is the development of a new augmented reality based broadcasting system that not only enables filming using compatible interactive 3D contents in live broadcast but also drastically reduces the production costs. For the practical use, the proposed system was demonstrated in the actual broadcast program called 'Ding Dong Dang Kindergarten' which is a representative children educational program on the national broadcasting channel of Korea.
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3D content, 3D space, Augmented reality(AR), Broadcasting system, Educational program, Immersive interaction, Indoor Space, Interactive 3D, Interactive AR, Practical use, Production cost