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학술대회 On the Network Clock Reference Variation Compensation for Satellite TDMA Network
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신민수, 유준규, 오덕길
International Conference on Information and Communication Technology Convergence (ICTC) 2017, pp.1217-1219
17ZR1300, 재난현장 대응력 강화를 위한 위성재난통신 기술 개발 , 오덕길
This paper presents the considerations on NCR (Network Clock Reference) variations which impact on the stability of the satellite interactive system operation. We identified what kinds of factors can influence system performance in timing synchronization aspects. The amount of impacts that each factors can cause to the system operations from the realistic calculations and corresponding solutions are presented. These calculations may not be exact in real satellite transmission situation. However, we are sure that this can be good guidelines for system design. Besides processing delay and several measurement algorithms accuracy which are typically system specific, the impacts from user access position, satellite movements and user movements are addressed as the most common factors which every satellite system can experience. It is turned out that user access point causes the most critical impact on network synchronization from the analysis. These factors should be considered in any types of mobile and fixed satellite systems using TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access) scheme.
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Access point, Clock reference, Fixed Satellite(FS), Interactive system, Network clock, Processing Delay, System Operation, System performance, Time-division multiple access(TDMA), User Access, network Synchronization