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학술대회 Development of SoC Virtual Platform for IoT Terminals based on OneM2M
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이형로, 인치호, 박기혁, 김원종, 조한진
International SoC Design Conference (ISOCC) 2017, pp.1-2
17ZT1100, 판교 테크노밸리 연계 개방형 SW-SoC 융합 플랫폼 개발, 임덕래
This paper describes development of SoC virtual platform for IoT terminals based on OneM2M. SoC virtual platform can satisfy occurring requirements by the rapid growth of IoT such as time- to market, cost reduction, and quality improvement. We run IoT terminal AE on both real hardware and SoC virtual platform, and compared the results of execution to verify the efficiency of the SoC virtual platform. The above comparison results shows same results on both SoC virtual platform and real hardware. Therefore, flexible software development was possible on the SoC virtual platform without actual hardware, and it is developed in the same environment as the target board, so the software could be used immediately on the target board in the future.
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Flexible software, Quality improvement, Virtual platform, cost reduction, rapid growth, software development