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학술지 3D Printing Based Single-Build Process for Electronic Devices
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당현우, 김영수, 양영진, 구본진, 양용석, 유인규, 이창우, 도양회, 최경현
Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, v.17 no.10, pp.7259-7263
American Scientific Publishers (ASP)
Electronic components that are fabricated by 3D printing are still struggling in performance compared to those fabricated using conventional materials and methods. In this study, we present a novel process for fabricating electronic devices that can utilize existing commercialized electronic components, by embedding them inside a 3D printed structure. A wiring process was designed to interconnect the electronic components and 3D structure. The surface roughness of the 3D structure plays a crucial role in the conduction performance, the quality of the 3D structure, and the overall device performance. Electronic components are placed according to the wiring design at required intervals and simultaneously Delivered connections by Ingentaare to:automatically Elsevier BVmade between the electronic components. This process IP: makes it possible On: toMon, employ 24 the Jul high 2017performance 05:55:08 of commercialized and mature semiconductorCopyright: process based American components Scientific usingPublishers SMD in the proposed devices. This process will provide a high value single-build fabrication method that can be used to create unique designs with high electric performance, and overcomes the limitations of mechanical machining by fabricating built-in electronic components in a 3D structure.
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3D printed structure, 3D printing, 3D structure, Built-in, Electronic components, Fabrication method, High electric performance, Mechanical machining, Novel process, Surface roughness, conduction performance