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Conference Paper Analyzing the Korean Labor Market of the Elderly People Using Agent-based Modeling
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Lee Chon Hee, Bae Jang Won, Jung Joon Young, Eui Hyun Paik
Issue Date
Winter Simulation Conference (WSC) 2017, pp.4600-4601
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17HS1500, Development of Predictive Analysis Technology on Socio-Economics using Self-Evolving Agent-Based Simulation embedded with Incremental Machine Learning, Eui Hyun Paik
The aging of population gives rise to many social problems. One of them is the saturation of the labor market of the elderly people. To stabilize the labor market of the elderly, the government should understand the market in depth and make an good policy. In this paper, using agent-based modeling, we simulate the Korean labor market of the elderly people to observe how the employment rate changes in various situations.
KSP Keywords
Agent-Based Modeling, Elderly People, Social problems, labor market