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학술대회 Optimization of Carbon Nanotube Paste Emitter by Controlling the Size Distribution of SiC Nanofiller Aggregates
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고은솔, 전효진, 이정웅, 송윤호, 김재우, 최영철, 박소라, 강준태, 정진우, 김성희
International Vacuum Nanoelectronics Conference (IVNC) 2017, pp.154-155
17JB1500, 신개념의 디지털 엑스선 소스와 이를 활용한 차세대 무압박, 무고통 유방 CT 기술 개발, 송윤호
We tried to improve field emission properties of carbon nanotube (CNT) paste emitters by controlling the size distribution of aggregated SiC fillers. The SiC fillers used as an adhesion promoter strongly affects the dispersion of CNT paste, determining uniformity and reproducibility of the field emitter. We found, to date, that the optimum distribution is about 1 μm of D50, the value of the particle diameter at 50% in cumulative distribution. The CNT emitters with the optimized paste showed uniform and reproducible emission performances along with high adhesion to the cathode. The improved paste formulation and emitter fabrication could lead to successful field emission devices and applications.
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Adhesion promoter, CNT paste, Carbon nano-tube(CNT), Cumulative distribution, High adhesion, Optimum distribution, Particle diameter, SiC nanofiller, carbon nanotube paste, field emission properties, field emitter