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학술대회 Target Recognition and Phase Acquisition by using Incoherent Digital Holographic Imaging
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이문섭, 이병탁
SPIE Defense and Security 2017 (SPIE 10202), pp.1-6
17ZK1200, 신재생에너지 실시간 관제 및 지역에너지신산업계 고도화 사업, 유학
In this study, we proposed the Incoherent Digital Holographic Imaging (IDHI) for recognition and phase information of dedicated target. Although recent development of a number of target recognition techniques such as LIDAR, there have limited success in target discrimination, in part due to low-resolution, low scanning speed, and computation power. In the paper, the proposed system consists of the incoherent light source, such as LED, Michelson interferometer, and digital CCD for acquisition of four phase shifting image. First of all, to compare with relative coherence, we used a source as laser and LED, respectively. Through numerical reconstruction by using the four phase shifting method and Fresnel diffraction method, we recovered the intensity and phase image of USAF resolution target apart from about 1.0m distance. In this experiment, we show 1.2 times improvement in resolution compared to conventional imaging. Finally, to confirm the recognition result of camouflaged targets with the same color from background, we carry out to test holographic imaging in incoherent light. In this result, we showed the possibility of a target detection and recognition that used three dimensional shape and size signatures, numerical distance from phase information of obtained holographic image.
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Carry out, Computation power, Detection and Recognition, Four phase, Fresnel diffraction, Holographic imaging, Incoherent light source, Michelson interferometer, Numerical reconstruction, Phase image, Phase information