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학술대회 Physical Layer Security Based on Coded FTN Signaling for Premium Services in Satellite Digital Broadcasting System
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백명선, 윤정일, 곽상운, 임형수, 김영수, 허남호
International Conference on Consumer Electronics (ICCE) 2017
17HR1700, 다차원 실감미디어 방송통신을 위한 핵심 요소 기술 연구, 허남호
This paper proposes physical layer security technology based on non-orthogonal FTN signaling for premium services in advanced satellite digital video broadcasting system. Because the FTN signaling adopts greater symbol rate than Nyquist rate, the FTN signaling is corrupted by unavoidable ISI. The proposed technique encodes the ISI factor of FTN signaling for transmission signal. The encoded ISI factor operates as a physical layer security scheme. Furthermore, the non-orthogonal FTN scheme offers higher spectral efficiency than conventional Nyquist signaling. Therefore, the coded FTN-based physical layer security scheme is proper for the high quality premium service in digital broadcasting systems. In this paper, the coded FTN-based physical layer security scheme is applied to the DVB-S2 system, and the performance is evaluated.
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Broadcasting system, DVB-S2, Digital Broadcasting, Digital video broadcasting, FTN Signaling, Non-orthogonal, Nyquist rate, Physical layer Security(Physec), Premium service, Spectral efficiency(SE), security technology