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학술대회 An X-Band FMCW Radar for Detection and Tracking of Miniaturized UAVs
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이자열, 박민, 어익수, 구본태
International Conference on Computational Science and Computational Intelligence - International Symposium on Consumer Electronics (CSCI- ISCE) 2017, pp.1844-1845
17ZB2200, 소형 무인이동체 탐지를 위한 상용 레이더 개발, 구본태
This short letter presents an X-band FMCW radar intended to detect and track a small-size UAV with an estimated less than 0.01m2 of radar cross section. The manufactured FMCW radar has successfully detected quadrocopters that are flying over the range of between 20m and 500m from it, and also two identical drones with a gap of 20m have been recognized as two beat frequencies of 160 kHz and 200 kHz, respectively. The radar can transmit a maximum output power of 45dBm with achieving 6.2dB noise figure and 66dB receiver gain. An X-band frequency synthesizer is integrated in the radar module that generates chirp signals with 150MHz bandwidth, and PRI times of 250μs as well as 500μs.
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Chirp signals, Detection and tracking, Frequency synthesizer, MHz bandwidth, Noise Figure(NF), fmcw radar, maximum output power, radar cross section, small size, x-band