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학술지 Photoacoustic Imaging Probe for Detecting Lymph Nodes and Spreading of Cancer at Various Depths
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이용재, 정은주, 송현우, 안창근, 노형욱, 심주용, 송동훈, 전민용, 이수성, 김희원, 장미화, 김봉규
Journal of Biomedical Optics, v.22 no.9, pp.1-6
We propose a compact and easy to use photoacoustic imaging (PAI) probe structure using a single strand of optical fiber and a beam combiner doubly reflecting acoustic waves for convenient detection of lymph nodes and cancers. Conventional PAI probes have difficulty detecting lymph nodes just beneath the skin or simultaneously investigating lymph nodes located in shallow as well as deep regions from skin without any supplementary material because the light and acoustic beams are intersecting obliquely in the probe. To overcome the limitations and improve their convenience, we propose a probe structure in which the illuminated light beam axis coincides with the axis of the ultrasound. The developed PAI probe was able to simultaneously achieve a wide range of images positioned from shallow to deep regions without the use of any supplementary material. Moreover, the proposed probe had low transmission losses for the light and acoustic beams. Therefore, the proposed PAI probe will be useful to easily detect lymph nodes and cancers in real clinical fields.
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Acoustic beams, Acoustic waves, Beam combiner, Lymph nodes, Optical fiber, Photoacoustic Imaging, Single strand, Transmission loss, Wide range, imaging probe, light beam