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학술대회 RIPPLE: Adaptive Fine-grained Access Control in Multi-hop LLNs
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김영호, 이윤경, 김정녀
International Conference on Information Networking (ICOIN) 2018, pp.863-868
17HH4600, IoT 기기 서비스 거부 공격 방어를 위한 리소스 보호용 시큐어 하드웨어 컨테이너 기술 , 김정녀
With rapid adoption of industrial IoT applications in the critical infrastructures, security vulnerabilities and data breaches may lead to significant risks. LLNs over IEEE 802.15.4 are emerging as one of core technologies in carrying out the IIoT architectures in the industry due to its energy efficiency. The network technologies connecting the resource constrained devices over the low-power and lossy multi-hop environments are facing security challenges. In this paper, we propose RIPPLE, a fine-grained access control in the multi-hop LLNs. The goal of RIPPLE is to develop a trust delegation model that leads to an autonomous network access control, with an aim to achieve a concept of self-contained network segments. To this end, RIPPLE presents a trust capability that equips the resource constrained devices with security intelligence. Proposed architecture allows the segment to extend its access control boundary by utilizing the trust delegation model. We also present an example deployment of protocol stacks to employ the RIPPLE architecture in the emerging IEEE 802.15.4 multi-hop network.
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Critical Infrastructure, Delegation Model, Energy Efficiency, Fine-grained access control, IEEE 802.15.4, IOT applications, Low-Power, Network access control, Network technology, Protocol stack, Resource Constrained Devices(RCD)