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학술대회 Variable Resolution View Multiplexing for Mobile 3D Display
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신홍창, 김준수, 이광순, 음호민, 서정일
International Conference on Consumer Electronics (ICCE) 2018, pp.1-3
17MB1300, 모바일 완전입체 단말 및 콘텐츠 기술 개발, 황치선
In this paper, we present a novel view multiplexing technique that enhances perceptual resolution in mobile autostereoscopic 3D displays. An autostereoscopic display shows two or more views that have binocular disparity at the same time, so it allows the viewer to perceive motion parallax at the scene. Generally, the display divides the display panel spatially and assigns R, G, B color sub-pixels of multiple view images at the proper position on the display. It is called sub-pixel multiplexing or interweaving. Each viewpoint image resolution is the same as the resolution of a target display to show a 3D image without loss of quality. However, the amount of data is too huge to deal with the images for practical application. The proposed method significantly reduces the amount of data needed by minimizing the degradation of visual quality.
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3D Image, Autostereoscopic 3D display, Display Panel, Image resolution, Loss of quality, Mobile 3D, Motion parallax, Multiple views, Multiplexing technique, Sub-pixel, Variable resolution