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학술대회 A Backup/Recovery Method for Fault Tolerant Memory-based Storage in Integrated Storage System
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차재근, 김성운
International Conference on Information Technology (ICIT) 2017, pp.351-354
17HS6100, 온프레미스 스토리지와 퍼블릭 클라우드 스토리지간 데이터 통합 관리 및 신뢰성 보장 기술 개발, 김성운
A memory-based storage uses memory as storage device to provide high speed processing of data. Despite its advantage, memory device suffers from several drawbacks such as data maintenance and limited capacity. In this paper, we propose a backup and recovery method of memory-based storage to guarantee fault tolerance. This approach adopts deduplication in which eliminate redundant data for reducing data size. Also, we use a device driver for backup and recovery process that connects memory and backup storage device. The results showed that the proposed method achieves read speed rate of 101% and write speed rate of 71% compared to 'tmpfs' that is memory-based file system of Linux. In addition, we confirmed that it can extend space for backup data without performance deterioration because some of deduplicated data is kept in memory.
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Data maintenance, Data size, Device driver, Fault tolerance, Fault-tolerant, File System, High Speed, Limited capacity, Memory-based, Read Speed, Recovery method