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학술대회 A Method to Use Power Generated from a Solar Energy Generator
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이지현, 신영미, 이일우
International Conference on Computational Science and Computational Intelligence - International Symposium on Internet of Thing and Internet of Everything (CSCI- ISOT) 2017, pp.261-262
17PH1500, 소규모 분산자원 전력거래 활성화를 위한 중개시스템 개발 및 BM 발굴, 이일우
In order to utilize the power generated from solar photovoltaic systems in the existing electrical grid, it is necessary to develop the new market opened to trade power of small-scale renewable energy resources. This paper presents a systematic method to help small and medium sized photovoltaic generation system owners to sell the generated energy and the renewable energy certificates and then make an additional profit as a new market participant. Here, it is essential to mediate to able to sell the renewable energy sourced from solar. Hence, we evaluated a concept and intermediate trade transaction in trading small-sized solar energy between a seller and an intermediate trader. We choose the rapid prototype development evaluation method.
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Development and Evaluation, Evaluation method, Photovoltaic generation systems(PGS), Photovoltaic systems(PVS), Prototype Development, Renewable energy certificates, Renewable energy resources, Small-scale renewable energy, Small-sized, Solar photovoltaic(SPV), Systematic method