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학술지 시각 장애인의 교차로 안전 횡단 지원 BLE 기반 음향 신호기 개발 및 현장 적용 사례
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김형선, 김주완, 장인성
한국IT서비스학회지, v.16 no.4, pp.223-234
17GH1300, 시각장애인 보행편의 및 안전향상기술 개발, 김주완
The audible pedestrian signal (APS) is an add-on device which connects to the pedestrian signaling device and informs the contents and changes of the signaling by sound. It provides walking direction information of the pedestrian crossing so that the blind people can safely cross the pedestrian crossing. In an intersection where a plurality of audible pedestrian signal (APS) are installed at an intersection crosswalk, existing audible pedestrian signal (APS) operate simultaneously in the communication radius of a wireless remote controller, which may cause confusion for the blind people and the public may complain about the noise.In this paper, we developed a BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy)-based audible pedestrian signal (APS) system capable of supporting two-way communications with a smart-phone that can cross the intersection safely and improve the walking comfort and traffic safety for the blind people. The proposed method is a method in which the BLE beacon communication based audible pedestrian signal (APS) presents active service to the blind people, and the existing audible pedestrian signal (APS) is a way of requesting the passive service by the blind people with the wireless remote control by the unidirectional communication based on 358Mhz.The developed system is installed in the crossroad of Doma-dong, Seo-gu, Daejeon, and it is tested and operated by the blind people. The satisfaction evaluation and analysis of the audible pedestrian signal (APS) for the blind people have good results and are planned to be expanded in the future.
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Active Services, BLE beacons, Blind People, Evaluation and analysis, Smart Phone, Traffic Safety, Two-way communications, Wireless remote control, bluetooth low energy, direction information, pedestrian crossing