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학술대회 VR Planning Toolkit to Simulate Physical and Virtual Configurations: A Case Study of an Indoor VR Roller Coaster Augmenting Experience
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조동식, 김용완, 전우진, 김용선, 김홍기, 김기홍, 곽승호
Augmented Human International Conference (AH) 2018, pp.1-2
17HS4700, 원격 사용자 동시 참여 및 경험이 가능한 인스턴트 3D 객체 기반 몰입형 Join&Joy 콘텐츠 기술 개발, 김기홍
This paper proposes a novel VR planning toolkit to simulate physical configurations of the actual space such as physical sensors of user's surrounding space (e.g.Tracking sensors, IoT devices, muscle interfaces, exoskeletons) in advance, and simultaneously create a VR content mixed for the configured environment. This toolkit provides guidelines for configurations of real and virtual spaces at the same time, and allows the user to bridging two spaces that need to be simulated. As a case study of our proposed VR planning toolkit, we have developed a prototype to test indoor VR roller coaster, and applied it as a usage scenario that can be experienced.
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Case studies, IoT Devices, Roller coaster, Usage Scenario, Virtual space, physical sensor