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학술대회 Scene-based Metadata Generation and Open API Provisioning Method for Smart Broadcast Service
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김승희, 정덕규, 이상윤, 김선중
International Conference on Advanced Communications Technology (ICACT) 2018, pp.664-668
17HR2700, 개방형 미디어 생태계 구축을 위한 시맨틱 클러스터 기반 시청상황 적응형 스마트방송 기술 개발, 김선중
To cope with the new media paradigm era toward user-centric service by using scene-based broadcast content, this paper proposes the scene-based metadata automatic generation method on small-size segmented unit, and open API provisioning method for metadata and its related video clip retrieval function. In order to fulfill this proposed essential technology, the smart broadcast platform is composed of following four enablers such as informal data management, semantic cluster, convergence-type metadata generation, and service control management. Through the opening of metadata resource in smart broadcast platform, the diverse and innovative broadcast media service that attracts users or business operators will provide more easily and conveniently. Eventually, it will also contribute to construction of smart media ecosystem with a virtuous cycle.
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Automatic generation, Broadcast service, Data Management, Media service, Open API, Scene based, Service control, Video clips, Virtuous cycle, broadcast media, informal data