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학술지 Self-Powered Pressure and Light Sensitive Bimodal Sensors based on Long-Term Stable Piezo-Photoelectric MAPbI3 Thin Films
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엄지호, 최형진, S.V.N Pammi, Tran-Van Dang, 김윤정, 김혜진, 윤순길
Journal of Materials Chemistry C : Materials for Optical and Electronic Devices, v.6 no.11, pp.2786-2792
Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC)
Chemical vapor deposited CH3NH3PbI3 (MAPbI3) thin films showed a long-term stability of approximately one month after exposure to air at room temperature. Self-powered sensors using 500 nm-thick MAPbI3 films were demonstrated for pressure and light sensitive bimodal sensor applications. The generated output voltage was attributed to an intrinsic piezoelectric property of the MAPbI3 films and their sensitivities for sensors were approximately 8.34 mV kPa-1 and 0.02 nA kPa-1. The output current generated in the release mode showed a strong dependence on the light power irrespective of the applied pressure, revealing the light-sensitive effect of the MAPbI3 films. The response time of bimodal sensors for applied pressure and light power was approximately 0.066 and 0.320 s at an applied pressure of 30 kPa, respectively. The CVD-MAPbI3 films have attracted attention for simultaneous realization of both pressure and light sensitive bimodal sensor applications.
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Applied pressure, Chemical vapor deposited, Exposure to air, Light-sensitive, Long-Term Stability, Long-term stable, Output Voltage, Room-temperature, Self-powered sensors, output current, piezoelectric properties