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학술대회 Integrated, Scalable and Reconfigurable Silicon Photonics based Optical Switch for Colorless, Directionless and Contentionless Operation
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Stefano Tondini, Astghik Chalyan, Giorgio Fontana, Lorenzo Pavesi, Nikola Zecevic, Michael Hofbauer, Bernhard Goll, Horst Zimmermann, Stefano Stracca, Alberto Bianchi, Costanza Manganelli, Philippe Velha, Paolo Pintus, Fabrizio Di Pasquale, Claudio J. Oton, Christophe Kopp, Laetitia Adelmini, Olivier Lemonnier, Gabriel Pares, Guido Chiaretti, Aina Serrano, Jose Angel Ayucar, Giovan Battista Preve, 김민수, 이종무, Francesco Testa
Optical Fiber Communication Conference (OFC) 2018, pp.1-3
15PB5900, 실리콘 포토닉스 기반 SDN용 12채널 4x8 광스위치 모듈 개발, 이종무
We demonstrate a BCD8sP electronic-photonic integrated device for low cost, low power, and mass-manufacturable optical switching. Our network on-chip has one thousand photonic components, each driven by a dedicated electronic control circuit. The architecture implements a transponder aggregator scheme that manages 12 200GHz-spaced wavelengths in 4 different directions and 8 add/drop ports. The 3D integration of the photonic and the electronic chips allows the complete system reconfiguration at microsecond regime. The packaged device shows a total insertion loss of -22dB, including input and output coupling, and a channel isolation better than 35dB, in a device with a chip area of less than 1cm2.
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3D Integration, Chip area, Control Circuit, Electronic chips, Electronic control, Low-Power, Low-cost, Network on Chip(NoC), Output coupling, Packaged device, Photonic components