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Journal Article A 3D Photonic-Electronic Integrated Transponder Aggregator With 48 × 16 Heater Control Cells
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Nikola Zecevie, Michael Hofbauer, Bernhard Goll, Horst Zimmermann, Stefano Tondini, Astghik Chalyan, Giorgio Fontana, Lorenzo Pavesi, Francesco Testa, Stefano Stracca, Alberto Bianchi, Costanza Manganelli, Philippe Velha, Paolo Pintus, Claudio Oton, Christophe Kopp, Laetitia Adelmini, Olivier Lemonnier, Gabriel Pares, Guido Chiaretti, Aina Serrano, Jose Angel Ayucar, Giovani Battista Preve, Kim Min-Su, Lee Jong-Moo
Issue Date
IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, v.30 no.8, pp.681-684
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15PB5900, Intergrated Reconfigurable silicon photonic based optical Switch(IRIS), Lee Jong-Moo
An electronic integrated circuit (EIC) and a silicon photonic integrated circuit (PIC) are 3D-integrated. The EIC using the complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) part of STMicroelectronics' BCD8sp 0.16μ m technology controls all 768 switches in the PIC individually and monitors them with 84 transimpedance amplifiers. A scalable analog-digital approach with a cell size of 100× 100μ m2 for thermal control of optical ring resonator switch matrices is introduced. An electrical power consumption of 220 mW for all electronic control circuits of the optical switch matrix is resulting in 5.5% of the power needed by a constant-voltage control approach.
KSP Keywords
Cell Size, Complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor(CMOS), Constant voltage(CV), Control Circuit, Control approach, Electrical power consumption, Electronic control, Metal-oxide(MOX), Optical switches, Silicon photonic integrated circuits, Switch matrix