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학술지 핀테크 산업의 경제적 파급 효과 분석
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정영근, 박호영, 박추환
한국IT서비스학회지, v.17 no.1, pp.47-58
17ZV1100, ETRI R&D성과의 사업화 촉진 전략 및 산업계 확산 체계 연구, 박호영
In this study, we define Fintech services as review previous literatures and identify the traditional Fintech service market for analysing the economic effects of the Fintech Industry by using the 2014 Input-Output Table. We can identify the current market of Fintech industry which consists of VAN, PG, financial SW, mobile banking and Fintech R&D and we conduct Input-Output analysis by using non-competitive import model.The Input-Output analysis results show that production inducement effect and front/rear chain effect of the Fintech Industry are below average of other industries. This is because the Fintech technology and industry were emerging in Korea at that time (2014), and thus the ripple effects are not significant. Especially, due to the existing white risk financial regulation, new business opportunities have not been open to adapt new ICT-financial technologies. Therefore, when the business ecosystem is build through deregulation and platforms of the financial sector, it is expected that the Fintech Industry will have a high ripple effect.In this study, we identify the current market of Fintech industry from ICT indusries and conduct Input-Output analysis. The economic effects of the Fintech industry are not remarkable, but it is significant to identify the emerging market and present the basic analysis of issued research field.
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Basic analysis, Financial regulation, Input-output analysis, Mobile Banking, Service market, business ecosystem, economic effects, emerging market, financial sector, ripple effect