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학술지 DC and RF Characteristics of Enhancement-Mode Al2O3/AlGaN/GaN MIS-HEMTs Fabricated by Shallow Recess Combined with Fluorine-Treatment and Deep Recess
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정현욱, 장성재, 도재원, 안호균, 조규준, 김정진, 김성일, 민병규, 김해천, 윤형섭, 양진모, 권호상, 임종원
ECS Journal of Solid State Science and Technology, v.7 no.4, pp.197-200
Electrochemical Society (ECS)
17DB1800, GaN RF 전력증폭 소자 설계 개발, 임종원
Enhancement-mode (E-mode) Al 2 O 3 /AlGaN/GaN MISHEMTs were fabricated by shallow recess combined with CF 4 plasma treatment (SR/F) and deep recess (DR) to compare the effect of each process technique on the device performance. To prevent the device performance degradation induced by plasma damage during gate recess, the digital etch technique was employed. The fabricated E-mode devices have positively shifted threshold voltage, and exhibit lower transconductance (g m ) and saturation drain current than depletion-mode devices. Due to the CF 4 plasma damage during F-treatment, SR/F shows a sharp drop of g m curve and low saturation drain current. In contrast, DR presents broad g m and high saturation drain current. It is also revealed that the digital etch for gate recess exhibits an isotropic etch profile, consequently increasing the on-resistance. There is no remarkable difference between SR/F and DR in f T and f max , but DR has a better linearity over SR/F owing to the absence of plasma damage during F-treatment. This results reveal that the DR using digital etch is promising technique to obtain the high performance E-mode MISHEMTs compared to the F-treatment.
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AlGaN/GaN MIS-HEMT, CF 4, Digital etch, E-mode, F T, F max, Gate recess, High performance, O 3, ON-resistance, Process technique